Adam Weber
Adam WeberOwner, Shooter

Weber Tactical Founder and Shooter Adam Weber

I am excited to have the opportunity to shoot and represent Tactical Shit and Liberal Tears this year!  What a great group of patriotic folks with an endless supply of gear for every operator across the country.

I have been shooting since I was 5.  I started with an old J.C Higgins 22 that was my grandpa’s.  My dad taught me the rules of firearm safety and how to shoot.  I later learned he was on a NRA rifle team at a teenager.  At the age of 21 I decided I wanted to be a police officer, I attended the police academy where I won several challenges on the range and graduated with honors in firearms.

In 2012 while working midnight’s I was eating lunch at a local restaurant and a man walked up to me and introduced himself as Billy Douglas.  Billy invited me to come shoot USPSA and IDPA with him at Green Valley Gun Club in Columbia, MO.  I went to the next match with him and have been hooked ever since.  I always tell people you don’t have to have a fancy gun to compete.  I used my duty gun for the first year.  The best advice I can give to new shooters is take what you have and get to the range and shoot a match.  Shooting people are the best people!

Since 2012 I have had several wins and top 10 finishes. I encourage anyone who thinks they aren’t good enough or don’t know the rules to get to a local match.  They will help you learn the rules and make you feel at home!  If you’re in the St. Louis Area I hope to see you at a local match.

See you on the range,

Adam Weber