The Weber Tactical Advantage

MLK Retention Hood

Exclusive to Weber Tactical, our MLK Retention Hood provides an additional layer of security for 3 Gun Competiton and Duty Holsters. You can rest assured that your pistol will be protected and stay in place.  Still need to draw fast? Don’t worry, The MLK Retention hood features a unique spring loaded release, making your draws just as fast and smooth as a traditional open top holster


Double Layer Holsters

All Weber Tactical Gamer holsters feature double layer construction. Double layer construction has many benefits. The first is that a double layer holster is much stiffer than single layer construction. A stiffer holster is a faster holster. Without any bend or give under pressure, you can always have your fastest draw. Double layer holster construction also provides for many different color combinations. Weber Tactical Gamer Holsters feature over 3,500 possible inner and outer color combinations so that you can have a holster as unique as you!


For Shooters. By Shooters

From the beginning, Weber Tactical has focused on solutions. Throughout our company, our employees are shooters first and foremost. We take pride in building products that we use everyday at the range, in competition, and on duty. As a way to further this goal, Weber Tactical also partners with the best shooters in the world to provide design input and testing under pressure that only come from the very top levels of shooting proficiency.

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