Springfield USPSA Gamer Package


  • 1 x USPSA Holster
    • Includes WT QD Holster Hanger
    • USPSA Production Legal.
  • 4x Pistol Magazine pouches
    • Select Right or Left based on your dominant shooting hand
    • If you are Right Handed (trigger finger is on your right hand) then select Right. Likewise for Left.
    • All magazine pouches are bullets facing forward
    • Your choice of magazine hardware
      • Tek-Lok
      • TMMS Male and Female +$32
      • ELS Male and Female +$32
      • WT Aluminum QD Male and Female  +$80
  • Includes double wrapped kydex
  • Includes premium colors and prints
  • Available in quick ship colors (Ships 3-5 days)
    • Black outside/ Black inside
    • Carbon Fiber Black outside/ EMT Red inside
    • Carbon Fiber Black Outside/ Police Blue inside
  • Custom Colors ship in 21 days or less

Springfield USPSA IDPA Holsters


Gamer OWB Single Pistol Mag Pouch × 4


M.L.K. Retention System *

This is an excellent options for 3 Gunners and while it is legal for USPSA and IDPA it is not recommended. USPSA and IDPA rules state that if you have it you need to use it. 3 Gun does not. No Compatible with the Nitro Fin.

Holster Outside Color *

Please select the outside color for your holster.

Holster Inside Color *

Please select the Inside color for your holster.

Magazine Pouches Mount System *

The package includes a WT QD Aluminum Drop Offset for your holster. Please select the magazine mount system you would like to use.

Magazine Pouches Outside Color *

Please select the outside color for your pistol and rifle pouches.

Magazine Pouches Inside Color *

Please select the inside color for your pistol and rifle pouches.

Cut for Nitro Fin

The M.L.K. Hood system IS NOT COMPATIBLE with a Nitro Fin.


Springfield USPSA Gamer Package

Weber Tactical is proud to announce the launch of the Gamer line of holsters. The Gamer line has been developed from within the shooting community by some of the best shooters in the world. When we designed the Competitor line a few years ago, it quickly became the dominant holster in the 3-Gun community. As the sport of 3-Gun continued to evolve, we determined that the holster line needed to evolve along with the sport to meet the daily demands of tough physical matches that push the boundaries of shooters and gear. For three years, we attended major matches and listened to top shooters talk about issues they were having. we then took what he’d learned and began developing a new holster design.

First, we determined that only a precision molded and finished holster would stand the test of time. We also determined that most shooters need a retention device, given that the difficulty and demand on the shooter and the gear has increased.

Second, the Gamer is a dual-layer holster, which is nothing new to Weber Technical. The biggest change is the Gamer holster’s precision manufacturing. We took the molds to a whole new level with CNC production, this gives us a fit and finish that stands above the rest of the industry.

Finally, we worked with top-level shooters from USPSA and 3-Gun to ensure there was no tunnel vision in the design. In the process we realized there is no such thing as the perfect holster for both 3-Gun and USPSA so we’ve developed the best holster for each: the Gamer 3-Gun and the Gamer USPSA.

Additional information

Springfield USPSA IDPA Holsters

Springfield Models

XD 4" 9/40, XD 5" Tactical 9/40, XD MOD 2 4" 9/40, XD MOD 2 5" 9/40, XDM 4.5″ 9/40, XDM 5.25″ 9/40, XDM 9/40


Left, Right

Gamer OWB Single Pistol Mag Pouch

Magazine Models

2011, 9/40 Universal


Left – If your trigger finger is on the left hand, Right – If your trigger finger is on the right hand


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