Gamer OWB Single Rifle Mag Pouch


  • Works with all AR15 magazines including the Magpul D60
  • Designed primarily for bullets facing backwards AND it works great bullets forwards when needed
  • Built from quality Kydex for good retention and easy release
  • Fitted with MRD Retention System
    • Use included 1/8 Allen wrench to adjust
  • Built with magazine funnel and finger indexing speed cut
  • Available for OWB Carry only
  • Choose color below
  • Available in quick ship colors (Ships 3-5 days)
    • Black outside/ Black inside
    • Carbon Fiber Black outside/ EMT Red inside
    • Carbon Fiber Black Outside/ Police Blue inside
  • Custom Colors ship in 21 days or less

All rifle caliber mag pouches are designed bullets backward. If you shoot right handed select the right handed mag pouch. If you shoot left handed select the left handed mag pouch. If you are unsure which hand you shoot with primarily please consider that you shouldn’t handle a firearm under pressure.


Gamer OWB Single Rifle Magazine Holder

Weber Tactical is proud to be an industry leader in competition design—for shooters, by shooters. When we were presented with the MRD (mag retention device) technology, we were excited to be able to offer a universal mag pouch for all guns. The MRD retention device allows the user to set the retention and forget about it and provides the shooter with the same retention, match after match, with no adjustment needed.

There is no greater frustration for a shooter than not having the gear they need when they need it. We’ve watched shooters at matches yard sale their mags all over the ground, and the frustration we felt for them led to the development of the Gamer Mag Pouch

The Gamer Mag Pouch uses MRD technology, allowing the shooter to set their desired retention level without having to worry about the mag falling out. The MRD is a retention device designed to push the mag forward in the mag pouch, setting the retention rather than using the mag pouch or rubber spacers (which can change over time) to pinch the mag pouch in place.

The MRD requires a ⅛” Allen wrench (included) to adjust the retention. The beauty of the MRD is that there is a locking washer in the design to keep the screw from moving once it’s set. This means you can shoot for an entire season and never worry about the retention level of your mag pouch changing.

USPSA, IDPA , and 3 Gun Legal

Our gamer magazine holder is USPSA, IDPA, and 3 Gun legal.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in
Magazine Models


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