Weber Tactical started in 2011

 Adam Weber began making holsters as a hobby to help his fellow police officers and ultimately turned his hobby into a successful business. The entire Weber Tactical staff is comprised of Law Enforcement and Professional Shooters with backgrounds in self-defense and CCW training. This means that our products are designed and manufactured by those that carry every single day.

Proud to outfit and serve America's elite shooters

 We have been in the thermoforming business for nine years with a tremendous rate of success in the competition products market. We are proud to outfit and serve elite shooters in law enforcement, the military, the special operations community. Weber Tactical also sponsors events in IDPA, USPSA, NRA PPC, and 3 gun competitions. 

Weber ensures a perfect fit

Weber Tactical holsters are made out of Kydex, a plastic material that is formed to the weapon it’s designed to carry. The process in which the holster is designed ensures a perfect fit for the weapon with no bulk, providing a perfect dominant grip when drawing the weapon. Our holsters have been winning competitions for years and are designed for the rigors of heavy-duty use. In self-defense scenarios, you’ll never need to worry about being ready for any situation with your firearm at your side.

Exciting lines of products

We are excited to announce that as of January 2020, Weber Tactical has moved into the commercial market with three exciting lines of products now available to consumers. Those include the patent-pending holster TRIFECTA ®, the Weber Competition GAMER ® Series, and Weber ORIGINAL ® Gear holsters.

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