Hello everyone.   I was excited to attend the first major match of the year in the Midwest with my fellow Weber Tactical shooters.  It is the Missouri 3-Gun match held in mid March in Versailles at the Lead Farm range.  The match is put on by the folks from Tooth and Nail Armory.  In a busy season, Tooth and Nail picked an early weekend, guaranteed to be unpredictable weather. Lead Farm hosts monthly matches known for challenging stages, technical problem solving, and a mix of go-fast outlaw and long range targets.

2016 did not disappoint, hosting 10 stages that offered no relief for a shooter expecting obvious short bay sequences. The Missouri 3-Gun Championship demands stage planning, a careful eye for angles, and knowledge of your long range rifle.
This was the second year for a major event from Tooth and Nail Armory. They have once again run a smooth, well executed match. I personally love long range rifle work and I got plenty of that. I was also able to work on some shotgun skills and was surprised by a few pistol deficiencies. This event never fails to bring equal joy and frustration to a shooter’s day.

Weber Tactical was pleased to roll out their new Contender Pro Series at this event.  They have done it again by upgrading their Contender competitive shooting holster into a double wrap Pro series.  Learn more about these double wrapped Kydex competitive holsters by following this link.

Looking forward to next year!