This weekend I shot the Missouri 3 Gun Championship at the Lead Farm Range in Versailles, MO with my team from Weber Tactical.  First off let me say what a great match Matt and Josh Loganbill put on.  It was by far the most challenging 3 gun match I have shot to date with lots of long range rifle targets (600 yards with a cross wind and it was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers), Death Stars, and moving plate racks that were just plain evil.  We ended the match with a 36 round shotgun stage with so many flying clays I thought I was a real life character in a scene from my childhood playing duck hunt.

I am a new comer to the 3 gun world with this being my 4th major match.  I can tell you that I learn something new every match I shoot.  I was privileged to get to meet Tim Ubl from Taccom.  If you have not seen or heard of Taccom they have a fantastic set of shotgun shell caddies.  Tim in my opinion has transformed the 3 gun world with his quad loading setups.  Just for the record I am not sponsored by Taccom, but it doesn’t take a sponsorship for me to recognize quality products.  If you’re new to the 3 gun game do yourself a favor and get some of the Taccom shell caddies!

The thing I both loved and hated about this match was the constant technical stage planning needed.  This was not a match you could show up to, look at the stage and go rock it.  Each shooter had to plan each shot from mixing birdshot with slugs on the optional stage 7 (where I saw some shooters shoot the one mandatory slug going and finish everything else with a pistol), to some using all 3 guns.

With this being the first match of the year it was great to see all my shooting friends and family.  If you have never been a part of a match I cannot explain to you the awesomeness of the shooting community.  This weekend I watched top level shooters talk to guys and gals who were shooting their first match and help them through it.  I watched seasoned shooters loaning and even giving equipment to the new shooters to help them have a better match.  If you are on the fence about shooting a match get out there and do it!  I promise no one will make fun of you and you will be hooked!

Weber Tactical Sponsors Products Were Great Help

Last but not least I had a mid pack finish which was good for me.  My Tactical Shit “Bang Switch” trigger was fast and smooth, and my Vortex Strike Eagle was awesome and dead on.  I ran my Gateway Bullets 147 Grain through my new Rock Island 2011 from Hayse Custom Guns and they were perfect!  This match required accurate shots with a pistol for the death star, Amish plate rack, and 4 inch plates at distances of 15 to 20 yards.  My Gateway bullets flew true and got the job done.

I started the mornings with Counter Strike Coffee and it got me awake and ready to focus for the day.

Weber Tactical Rolls Out Pro Series Competition Holster

This year Weber Tactical rolled out the Pro Series line of competition holsters.  These Kydex holsters are double wrapped making them virtually indestructible making a great addition to our Kydex tactical holsters.  The Pro Series competition holster is based on a modular system using the RTI duty mount system.  This gives you the ability to remove or quickly change holster shells without having to rebuild your belt.  The Weber Tactical Pro Series holster for competitive shooters was developed after talking to the professionals in the industry and asking them what they wanted in a holster.

Thanks to all my sponsors for making this all possible!