What Is Kydex?

It is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite engineered for thermoforming fabrication, and combines properties of both the acrylic and the polyvinyl chloride components. From acrylic, it obtains rigidity and formability; from PVC, toughness, chemical resistance and good interior finish ratings. Sheet thickness ranges from .028 to .500 and can be thermoformed, post formed, brake formed and laminated.

Kydex Vs. Injection Molded Holsters

The holster-making processes varies considerably. Some companies use injection molding. Each holster mold is filled with molten plastic, then forced into the desired shape with heat and pressure. Injection molding is fast and produces inexpensive parts, usually made from harder plastics. If an injection-molded holster is made from cheaper plastic, the material can cause rapid holsterwear and remove the finish from your pistol.

There are no injection-molded holsters made with genuine KYDEX-brand plastic. That’s because KYDEX is engineered from pure polymers; their extruded sheets don’t contain blended stiffeners (such as glass). KYDEX lasts longer than cheaper plastic and it’s far less likely to damage your firearm, no matter how many times you holster and un-holster your gun.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Weber Tactical understands there are times consumers don’t have the same desire or taste in gear as we do. We will except returns in the original package 30 days from the date of delivery. There will be a 25% restocking fee for the return on all credit card purchases. In the event there is a problem with your holster out of the box we will refund your shipping back to us and correct the problem immediately. If you are unhappy with the retention of the holster we will gladly adjust it for free. The customer will be responsible for the shipping to us and we will pay the return shipping to the customer. All custom holsters with Logos, Emblems, or Prints are non-refundable.

If you are canceling an order paid for with a credit card there will be a 5% credit card processing fee deducted from the original purchased price at the time of refund

For returns see webertactical.com/warranty-and-returns

Will Kydex Wear Our My Pistol's Finish?

Any holster can wear the finish of your pistol. And it’s certainly true that pistol wear is the primary issue facing owners of KYDEX holsters. To minimize the problem, holsters made of KYDEX must be manufactured to follow the EXACT shape and form of the weapon inside them. They must apply pressure on the proper areas of the firearm – and nothing more. By matching the weapon and shaping the holster correctly, quality KYDEX holsters rarely present finish wear. We take considerable time to insure that every Weber Tactical Custom Kydex Holster Mag Pouch fits perfectly to insure minimum wear.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Weber Tactical Holster?

Most orders take 2-4 weeks to arrive at your door step from the time we get the order. Some special order take longer – up to 6 weeks. Every Custom Kydex Holster Mag Pouch we make is just that – CUSTOM! This takes time and expertise. Kydex is an amazing product but it must be handled correctly, heated and cooled perfectly and finished with care to insure that you get the very best product possible. From time to time we get a huge influx of orders. This can increase wait times. We will notate this in the banner when it happens.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Weber Tactical Offer?

Our holsters have a lifetime guarantee against normal use. Any attempt to alter this holster, or use in a way it was not designed for will result in the warranty being voided. This holster was custom designed to fit the weapon stated on this label and will not fit any other gun. Weber Tactical will not replace any holster that has been altered in any way. Weber Tactical does not warranty attachment parts or hangers manufactured by other companies.

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