Cat Tourniquets and Holders

Weber Tactical is proud to carry a Kydex holder for the Cat Tourniquet that can be clipped to the front center of your duty belt making it accessible from either hand.  The CAT Tourniquet Holder is designed to keep your tourniquet in place during dynamic physical activity yet allows the officer to deploy the tourniquet with little to no effort.  This holster is available in various colors.

The CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) was submitted to the military in 2004 for battlefield testing and found to be the best possible solution for a single person to stop an arterial bleed without assistance from anyone else.  The CAT is now an issued item to the military and should be a part of every law enforcement officers gunshot trauma kit.  The CAT tourniquet Kydex Holder is designed to be carried in the center portion of the body where it can be accessed by either the right or left hand.

Law Enforcement Officers across the world are starting to carry and train with the CAT tourniquet and it has proven to save many police officers lives.  Patrol Officer’s and SWAT Operator’s came to Weber Tactical and asked us to develop a holder with retention but no mechanical part that has to be activated to release the tourniquet.  We took this challenge on and developed the “Life Saver” CAT tourniquet holder.  This holder is designed to mount on a duty belt with a techlok or to molle gear via (2) molleloks and is meant to be worn in the front of the duty belt or vest.  The holder has adjustable ride height which can be set by the user.

Directions For Loading The CAT Tourniquet

  1. Stage the tourniquet so it is ready to be put over a limb
  2. Place the windless rod up and down inside the rod locking clip
  3. Position the friction buckle to the bottom of the tourniquet and begin folding the strap in on its self, placing the red tab at the top of the holder
  4. Place the tourniquet firmly into the holder with the rod securing clip out ensuring it seats entirely.

Equipping Your Officers With CAT Tourniquet Kydex Holders

It is the mission of Weber Tactical for our Kydex CAT Tourniquet holders to be part of standard issue equipment for every law enforcement officer.  If you are a law enforcement academy instructor or training officer putting together a gunshot trauma kit, we would like to show you the benefits of our CAT Holder.  As you know, when an officers life is on the line a CAT Tourniquet does no good in a duty bag or a pocket.  We can help you get your CAT Tourniquet on your officers duty belts where it belongs.

We are able to match your uniform colors and even include your logo if wanted.  Check out our Product Page to order a yours today.

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